James Tyson (jamesotron) wrote in goflyakite,
James Tyson


Hello. This is the first time I have posted here :) Yay.

I am going to Europe this month. I am going to Paris, Paderborn Germany, and Poznan & Krakow in Poland. I am going to only take one kite because kite flying unfortunately is not my primary focus on this trip. Of course I know nothing about the weather conditions, or even anything at all about these places in late september, early october.

I have my choice of a few different kites, but I want to only take one because I am trying to travel light, and will be spending a lot of time on trains and the like. I have my choice of a Flexifoil Psycho, Mullin Area 51, Benson Box of Tricks (although this is full size, so possibly not) and a few others. I am leaning towards the Area51, but only if the wind is likely to be mild.

Suggestions please?

Also, if anyone who reads this lives in one of those places and can point me at a good flying field then please let me know.

Smooth winds.
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